Bandom Friday Five

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You are familiar with the Friday Five, yes?

If not, the basic idea is that someone posts five questions on Friday and then you copy them and respond to them in your own journal. It is good for promoting thought and elaboration and the SHARING OF FEELINGS. Or if you're lazy and boring, like me, it gives you something to write about in your journal without all the effort of thinking up your own topics.

There are lots of Friday Five communities out there. There's thefridayfive. There are general ones, alternative ones, ones for Harry Potter and Hanson and bandom... Wait, what? No one made a bandom Friday Five yet? Are you serious? Oh, noez.

That is why we're here. To give you something to talk about in your journal, something bandom-related, as if you don't have enough of that going on. Likely, your journal has already been taken over by tiny boys with eyeliner and girl's pants, and we are just enablers. Here to stir up discussion and challenge opinions and promote the furtherance of squee.

Sound good? Then, tell all your friends. And HELP A SISTER OUT.