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ff for 7 December 2007

Apologies for the late post! Real Life got in the way today.

The Questions - 7 December 2007
1) Choose (1) band. What are the boys getting each other for the holiday of their choice?

2) Which non-Decaydance band/artist would you like to see Patrick produce for?

3) Brendon Urie's Big Gay Coming Out Party - describe it.

4) Epic Battle. OCK vs MCrmy. Who wins and what is their weapon of mass destruction?

5) To this day, the real reason behind the great Bert/Gerard split still remains a mystery, for the most part. What's your spin on it?

Questions this week courtesy of flexible_k, mikeyface, and crayola_x!

Play Along!

Have ideas?

Come up with your own questions and post them here!
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