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ff for december 28 2007

The Questions - 28 December 2007
1. Bands can't pick their fans. MCR/FOB/P!ATD/TAI/Cobra all catch flack from older fans because a majority of their fanbase is in the lower end of the 15-24 demographic. Pick a band in bandom and tell about their ideal fan- individual and fanbase as a whole.

2. Which B -- Bob, Brendon, Butcher, etc. -- and why?

3. If all the FBR bands were taken to an island and forced to engage in a Battle Royale, who would win?

4. We always talk about favorites here, so on the flipside, what is your least favorite band, and/or specific bandom member, and why?

5. What is your favorite bandom lyric?

Featuring questions this week by flexible_k, bourgeoisify, hurryflurry, and mikeyface. Thank you!

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