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ff for december 14 2007

Oh, so busy! Had to use a lot of pre-made questions but that's not bad because you guys are brilliant.

The Questions - 14 December 2007
1. Pick a boy from each of your favourite bands. What is your favourite picture of them and why?

2. Someone found an AIM log on Beckett's computer, and they're pissed. Who's it with, and what's it about?

3. If Panic! at the Disco weren't a band, what would each of the members be doing for a living?

4. Make a 5-song playlist for your bandom OTP. Why did you pick those songs?

5. Fashion show! Who's strutting down the runway, what are they wearing, and who's just watching?

Featuring questions this week by mikeyface and megan23451. Thanks!

Play Along!

Have ideas?

Come up with your own questions and post them here!
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