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ff for 30 November 2007

Early, because otherwise I am going to nod off and forget. But that's okay. Nothing wrong with early, right?

The Questions - 30 November 2007
1) Which bandom band, in your opinion, puts on the best live show?

2) So we all wish all of our bands would last forever. But if you had to place bets on *one* bandom band that was going to be around long-term, which band would you pick? Why?

3) End-of-tour prank for CS to play on TAI/TAI to play on CS. Describe it.

4) Patrick Stump(h)'s most embrassing high school memory that may or may not involve Pete Wentz is...

5) Okay, so Pete gets around. It's not that he's easy, it's that he likes people. But who in bandom HASNT he slept with?

Play Along!

Have ideas?

Come up with your own questions and post them here!
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