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ff for 23 november 2007

Here are your five questions for the week. Including a few Thanksgiving-related questions. I hope everyone who celebrated had a wonderful holiday.

The Questions - 23 November 2007
1. Bandom Thanksgiving traditions. What are they? Who shares them?

2. What are YOU most thankful for in fandom?

3. The weather's getting cooler here in the northern hemisphere... who would you most like to see snuggle up under a blanket together?

4. You have to design a bandom float for the Thanksgiving Day parade. What does it look like? Who is involved? Give details!

5. If you could give any bandom member a sane piece of unsolicited advice, what would it be?

One of this week's questions was submitted by mikeyface. Thanks, doll!

Play Along!

Have ideas?

Come up with your own questions and post them here! Please? :)
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