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ff for 09 November 2007

I'm late, I'm late! Sorry - term papers are getting the better of me.

The Questions - 09 November 2007
1) In your opinion, how old is the child trapped inside Gabe Saporta?

2) This week has been all about bandom rumors of assorted levels of veracity. So speculate: what bandom boy is going to unexpectedly trump everyone with the biggest and most absurd rumor? And what's that rumor going to be? Bonus points if it involves more than one bandom boy at a time (because you know Gabe's just waiting for the opportune moment to bust out that Cobra/Justin Timberlake sextape).

3) Which Bandom member should have their own reality TV show? What would it be called? What would the premise be? And who would show up as guest-stars? Make it good because with the writer's strike, it's entirely possible FOX is trolling the internet for new ideas. ;)

4) Ponies! at the Disco! If the members of Panic! at the Disco turned into My Little Ponies, what form would they take? And what would be their super-special pony names?

5) Who gives better blowjobs: Patrick or Frank? And who's going to be the one to officiate the judging?

Questions this week courtesy of bloodygoodgirl, megan23451, dracopet, bcsn24 and hurryflurry!

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